What keeps you MOTIVATED?


So lately i have been feeling so overwhelmed and just not interested in doing anything, yet i have so much going on, is this maybe why? To little time, to much to do?

Its been a stressful couple of months at my workplace, and things have really become unpleasant, when i wake up in the morning, i just don’t want to go there… but i used to love my job and had so much passion and that has all just gone!

I can’t wait to get home and do my Bokaloli projects, but when i sit down it’s like nothing, no creative juices want to flow, is this because i’m feeling the way i am?

That’s why i want to know from you, what keeps you motivated? What tips and tricks do you have? Please share….

This Mommy needs to get her MOTIVATION back.



About homegirllove

Career lady, Wife and Full time mommy to TWO amazing and gorgeous SONS, Tristan and Kayden. I have my own little local business BOKALOLI BABY RANGE which keeps me sain, and i absolutely LOVE creating, sewing and making things that are unique and affordable for other mommies that love nice things just like me.

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