Imported or Proudly South African?


So i have had so many mixed feelings lately, as i have seen so many local brands importing products. i’m not sure how i feel about it? Yes there are some stunning goods overseas that us South African’s don’t have, but yet we have so many local talents that are just waiting to be discovered and have similar products that are proudly South African.

I suppose i feel cheated in a way when i see products that are imported, yet i know where one can buy them in South Africa and support a small business, after all we should be supporting local.  I always try find out out if the product i’m purchasing is imported or made locally, and then think twice before purchasing, i have been mislead a few times, but anyhow suppose that’s how it goes.

How do you feel about importing products? I really am trying to make sense of it all, but just have this nagging feeling that South African local brands are so creative and we should be supporting one another instead.




About homegirllove

Career lady, Wife and Full time mommy to TWO amazing and gorgeous SONS, Tristan and Kayden. I have my own little local business BOKALOLI BABY RANGE which keeps me sain, and i absolutely LOVE creating, sewing and making things that are unique and affordable for other mommies that love nice things just like me.

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  1. Support local!! Most definitely. So many handcrafted items made locally, stunning items everyone advertise. But people think oh its handmade..the quality is not the same….here is news for them…the quality of the handmade products is by far better, as it is made with love and care. I will support local. Was walking at a flea market the other day. Only the stalls that had hand crafted / crochet items drew my attention. The “Localislekker” bug definitely got me.

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