Help…My 3 year old’s BAD Habit


Or should it be mine, i’m not sure who really is to blame here…… so our little “secret” or “bad habit” is Kayden who is 3, still drinks TIETIE, yip (BOTTLE), when he walks into the house once i have fetched him from school it starts. Mamma ek soek Tietie, he only drinks milk from the bottle, not that that is any consolation. We have tried to take it away, we really have, but at 2am in the morning it’s just easier to give in and get sleep.

The funny thing is when he sleeps over at his aunts house he doesn’t even mention the “T” word, so does he associate it me, am i the problem?  About 2 weeks ago my hubby was in hospital and Kayden was not himself, he insisted on taking his bottle to school, when we got there and his teacher saw this she was like, “drink hy bottle mamma” well i was so embarrased all i said was NO he found it in the cupboard and wanted it, must be because dad is in the hospital. When we got home that afternoon Kayden’s bottle was not in his bag, it’s the bottle we have, so you can imagine the drama, the teacher didn’t know she thinks it’s once off thing, so didn’t put it in his bag, well i tell you i searched high and low for a bottle in the house and eventually found an old Nuk bottle in the cupboard, saving grace, Kayden was happy and peace was restored. I told Kayden this is the ONLY Tietie and he must not leave it lying around as our sausage dog also likes bottle and bites them to pieces!!!

After bath time it was bedtime and i went to make Kayden his bedtime bottle, but could not find it, panic kicked in and i knew…”BEES” our dog had got hold of the ONLY TIETIE in the house, my stomach turned, it was past eight pm and i know the shops are closed, i am alone with the kids and it’s going to be hectic, searching everywhere i found it chewed to pieces under the couch! I took it went to Kayden and showed him, his response was “kry nog een uit die kas mamma” i said but there aren’t anymore…that face, shame i thought i was going to cry with him.  i called my friends and they were supportive and said, good time to get rid of the TIETIE Tarryn, yes i know but you don’t understand!  after much explaining and convincing, i gave Kayden a normal bottle, like a Oros bottle and said well this going to have to do, all went well until about 2am, when my pillow was soaked with milk and he wanted his tietie again!

The next morning after dropping the kids at school i was at dischem buying bottles for Kayden. So any advice on how to break this habit will be greatly appreciated.



About homegirllove

Career lady, Wife and Full time mommy to TWO amazing and gorgeous SONS, Tristan and Kayden. I have my own little local business BOKALOLI BABY RANGE which keeps me sain, and i absolutely LOVE creating, sewing and making things that are unique and affordable for other mommies that love nice things just like me.

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