Local is Lekker-Online Shopping


I must admit, i was never one to shop online for my kids clothes (even though i have my own online shop) as i always felt that it’s too expensive, or too nice to wear, or they going to get dirty! Yes i know it sounds crazy..hehe i was always a Pep, Ackermans kinda Mommy, well that was then.

I recently discovered all these wonderful brands, Mommy’s like myself also making and selling such cool stuff, it’s amazing even though i myself make things there is always more out there. Affordable and excellent quality.

I would always buy for everyone else, my niece in Germany well let’s say she is the most spoilt, probably cause i don’t see her…. i bought her a outfit from @littlepandawear and oh my goodness, such cuteness those watermelons…



My Second purchase was from @maddoncole, i bought Kayden their Dino Jacket and Harem Teepee Leggings, well let me tell you he loved them, he didn’t want to take them off!!!

So now i am like a little child again, surfing all these cool sites looking for awesome clothing for my boys, the only thing is i can’t seem to find anything for Tristan who is 6 years old, is this a gap in the market? or am i not looking hard enough?

Would love to hear from you, and what you think about online shopping and if you know of any cool stores for older kids.







About homegirllove

Career lady, Wife and Full time mommy to TWO amazing and gorgeous SONS, Tristan and Kayden. I have my own little local business BOKALOLI BABY RANGE which keeps me sain, and i absolutely LOVE creating, sewing and making things that are unique and affordable for other mommies that love nice things just like me.

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